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Where in Sweden ?

The Swedish beaver tracker

"He has led more than a thousand visitors to the timid beaver in the past 13 years. Join the safari in the heart of Bergslagen with Mikael Nilsson – probably Sweden’s best beaver tracker."

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A nature experience - an appreciated gift

Rental canoes for sale

1 canoe, 2 paddles & 2 life jackets
Price: 6500 SEK

Information and photos on the canoe Hasle PE 530 >>

Next guided tours with vacancies

Next guided tour with vacancies is advised on the Facebook page bellow:

Opening hours

1 October–30 April

The Adventure Center and the Wilderness Lodge are open daily after bookings

How long time is it possible to canoe and kayak ? The ice forms on the rivers and lakes in the middle of November

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Safari reviews:

“On the moose safari we were hiking in the deep forest, when suddenly a  big moose was rising up from his rest right in front of us. The moment was both a little bit scary and very exciting.“

Jovanna Richez



“Just amazing! Thank you so much for this unforgettable moose safari experience."

Nadia Batzig und Tobias Wayne



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Accommodation in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve

    • Window view from the Wilderness Lodge

Holiday house for rent

Season camping vacancies 2017

Vacant season camping grounds 2017 at Nyfors Wilderness Camping: Read about Nyfors Wilderness Camping >>

Season camping with maintenance tasks

Possibility to simple maintenance tasks in return of free season camping at Kloten Wilderness Camping. Kloten Wilderness Camping >>

More information on phone number: + 46 (0)73 0350075

Wolf tracking tour on snowshoes in Swedish wolf territory

Snowshoe hiking offer a brilliant way to enter the big forest covered by deep snow. The snowshoes support you and make sure that you will be able to walk without sinking. The native and experienced wild animal tracker, Mikael Nilsson, takes you during two daytrips on nice and exciting snowshoe walks in the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve and wilderness area

Wolf territories are always named for the territory's geographical center point. The village Kloten's central location has resulted in the territory taking the name, ‘The Kloten Wolf Territory’. We will track wolf tracks leading us to skeletons of taken moose. There will be several moose resting pits along our way and many tracks from wild animals. You get to know the basics of wild animal tracking, and you get to learn which animals have passed the way before us. One point in the tour involves wolf-watching over open lakes

When the winter darkness covers the wild forest, you will eat a two-course dinner in the light of candles at Kloten‘s Wilderness Lodge. The food is always locally produced with many ingredients from the forest. After dinner, there is time for tales of wild animals and snowshoeing stories in the warm and friendly ambiance in front of the fire. At the Wilderness Lodge, the participants will have a good night's sleep in comfortable beds

 Hiking tour on snowshoes, 2 days

The guided tour includes: Snowshoes (including adjustment to the participant's boots), sandwiches and tea for lunch Day 1 & 2, a two-course dinner Day 1, breakfast Day 2, a one-night stay in a double room, sheets and towels

Included if needed: transfers to and from chosen areas and safety nails (when the tours cross ice-covered lakes)

Start and finish at Kloten's Wilderness Lodge. Comfortable beds, personal touch and wild and exotic animals around the corner

The village Kloten is located in the heart of the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve along road 233 between Skinnskatteberg and Kopparberg. 2.5 hours drive from Stockholm. Maps and road description >>

Number of participants: 4-10 persons

Price: 3250 SEK. Children under 15 years 2750 SEK

Duration: 2 days. Start: 09:00 Day 1. Finish: 16:00 Day 2

2017 the tour is arranged on Saturdays and Sundays from 28-29 January to 11-12 March. Parties with 4 or more participants can book on other days when snow is present

Equipment to bring: Sturdy hiking boots and a daypack. The backpack should contain extra clothes to put on at breaks and allow some space for the packed lunch. Ski poles on option. Seat mats to use during breaks are included

The snowshoes can be used with all hiking shoes and ski hiking boots. There are some small backpacks to lend

Information: At the start briefing detailed information about the tour will be held in front of maps. Basic snowshoe instructions and information about wolves and the Kloten wolf territory are provided

The Wilderness Lodge is located in the village, Kloten, at the heart of the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve. The standard program includes a one-day hike south of Kloten and a one-day hike north of Kloten. Map over the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve >>

The snowshoes are made out of modern hard plastic material and can be used with a loose or fixed heel. The loose heal is preferable for steep, uphill ascents. The fixed heel is preferable when the snow is deep. The sturdy straps give the possibility of a firm adjustment and the metal supports at the front and back allow for a good and firm grip. The snowshoes can be used with all hiking shoes and ski hiking boots. The snowshoes are of good quality and in very good shape. The equipment is dated from 2015-2010

We will track wolf tracks leading us to skeletons of taken moose. Sometimes we hear the wolves howling in the distance. With luck, wolves will be seen during the tour

The accommodation on the tour

The included accommodation on the tour is in the Wilderness Lodge or in the Wilderness Cottage:



Parties containing 4 or more participants have the choice to book on other dates as well

Book the wolf tracking tour on snowshoes online: